FAS Pearl

FAS Pearl is a comprehensive floral software system designed to help you better manage every aspect of your retail flower business–from point-of-sale, to accounts receivable, to payroll, to inventory control, to general ledger, and more. FAS’s easy-to-use flower shop system offers tremendous power and flexibility, while simultaneously offering unsurpassed reliability.

To learn more about FAS, we recommend that you read the information on this Web site, read the FAS reviews published by SAF’s FloralManagement, and contact us to request information about FAS’s flower shop software and services. We can then discuss your specific needs and develop a proposal, along with financing options, to meet those needs. FAS will also be glad to provide customer references you can contact to discuss FAS.

FAS’s florist POS system is designed in modules to allow you to choose which functions you want to automate. Many of these modules are included in the standard floral software, while others are optional. All of these system modules however, are fully integrated, allowing data to flow to and from the various related modules without the headaches of having to import and export data between modules as you do with other systems. Again, FAS’s approach differs significantly from most other floral systems. Some companies simply don’t offer many of the features found in FAS florist POS software, and others require you to purchase third-party software to handle critical business functions. Since FAS develops, maintains, and supports all of its own floral software, FAS is able to more readily satisfy customers’ requests for software modifications, and more important, FAS is able to provide a much higher level of effective technical support. It is extremely difficult for anyone, including FAS, to provide a high level of technical support for a software product developed by some other company.

The standard system features include:
System options include:

  • Order Entry
    FAS’s order entry system is the “heart” of the Retail Floral Management system. Just as everything begins in your shop when a customer places an order, the benefits of FAS begin when you enter that order into your FAS floral system.

    FASwin Main

    For example, having instant access to the customer’s history prevents you from selling an arrangement to someone whose account is already delinquent; it lets you know what the customer’s average purchase amount is, so you know what level of product to recommend; it gives you instant access to the customer’s credit card information, so you don’t have to waste valuable time (yours and the customer’s) requesting that information every time the customer calls. FAS’s order entry software maintains a recipient database that allows you to instantly look up a recipient without having to re-type the recipient’s address, even with an order being wired in from a florist located a thousand miles from your shop. With FAS’s flower shop software, you never have to write down a sending shop’s information or manually look up a filling shop using those huge, cumbersome printed directories. Has a customer ever given you a bad address or has an employee ever written down the address incorrectly? With the FAS flower shop system, all addresses can be located and verified in seconds using our address verification software. Card messages are automatically printed in a beautiful cursive font, eliminating hard-to-read cards and eliminating the time and cost required to manually write cards.

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    Once an order has been entered, you can always look up the status of an order–whether the order has been filled or delivered–within seconds, using the customer’s name, the recipient’s name, a credit card number, or a wire service transaction number. No more putting the customer on hold or having to call the customer back after searching through stacks of tickets.
    FAS’s florist POS software provides dozens of additional benefits similar to the ones described above. These benefits allow you to effectively process more orders at the busiest times of the year, and they allow you to operate with a smaller staff and lower costs during the slow times of the year, providing higher profits throughout the year.
    The FAS florist POS system captures the information entered with each order and passes that information along to all of the other modules discussed elsewhere.

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  • Accounts Receivable
    Billing is simple with a FAS flower shop system. Statements can be printed out on plain paper or on custom-designed statement forms at the press of a button. Statements can also be emailed to customers for whom you have email addresses on file.

    The statements include your own promotional messages for customers whose accounts are current, and they include reminders for customers whose accounts are past-due.
    This module also prints an aged trial balance report, and it generates various collection reports and letters.

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  • Delivery Routing
    Your driver can generate a delivery report which includes all orders scheduled for delivery on a particular day. These reports can be sorted by zip code, delivery zone, map coordinates, and other ways. These reports keep your staff from overlooking any deliveries. Delivery charges are automatically determined based upon the recipient’s location. FAS floral software will allow you to quickly look up and verify Addresses. Delivery information can be automatically displayed on a map. Drivers can scan the bar coded delivery tickets, allowing you to process the maximum number of orders in the least amount of time. Deliveries can also be downloaded into FAS Mobile, allowing your drivers to manage their deliveries on their iPhones or Android phones.

  • Marketing
    Information captured during order entry represents a tremendously valuable marketing resource. The FAS flower shop software provides a wide choice of ways you can utilize this data to build your business. FAS’s marketing features include emails, the “Dial-A-Flower” preferred customer card, mailing labels that can be used to target certain groups of customers and recipients, postcards that will generate birthday and anniversary reminders for customers or recipients, holiday reminders, etc. The FAS florist POS system will even allow you to download your customers’ email addresses so that you can implement your own email marketing campaign.

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  • Reports
    The FAS florist POS software generates dozens of reports that allow you to analyze virtually every aspect of your business. The system will analyze sales by transaction type, by wire service, by employee (sales person, designer, driver), by product, by occasion, by day of week, by time of day, by delivery location, and much more. Other reports, such as FAS’s funeral acknowledgment report, allow you to improve customer service.
    Reports can be printed, displayed, or stored as a PDF file.

  • Wire Order processing
    The FAS flower shop system automatically interfaces to FTD’s Mercury network and to Teleflora’s Dove network. FAS floral software generates your wire service Reports of Orders Filled at the press of a button. With FAS flower shop software, it is no longer necessary to sort through stacks of tickets searching for reportable wire-ins. Not only is this task very labor intensive, but when you overlook one of these orders, you don’t get paid for the order! FAS has also automated the wire service reconciliation process. Instead of manually verifying the charges and credits on your wire service account–a task that is so labor intensive most florists don’t even bother–you can download your combined report and reconcile your account in seconds.

  • FAS Mobile Delivery Management System
    The FAS Mobile Delivery Management System (FAS Mobile) allows users to download outstanding deliveries into an Apple iPhone or an Android smart-phone and then to process those deliveries using the smart-phones. FAS Mobile users can display the entire list of deliveries, map/route all deliveries with real-time GPS capability, map/route individual deliveries, automatically contact order recipients, and mark orders delivered as the deliveries are completed. FAS Mobile then updates the delivery information on the order stored on the FAS server back at the shop and sends an email to your customer confirming that the delivery has been made. Shop owners can also monitor shop activity using FAS Mobile.
    More detailed information.
  • Point-of-sale (cash register)
    FAS’s florist POS software, combined with a cash drawer, receipt printer, bar code reader, and/or credit card reader, allows you to integrate all cash transactions through your FAS florist POS system.

    A PC equipped with an optional touch-screen monitor (illustrated below) allows you to operate FASwin by simply pressing the desired option on the screen itself.

  • Credit Card processing
    The FAS floral system allows you to process credit cards through FASCash or through Teleflora. When you process a sale through your FAS system, FAS’s floral software automatically authorizes and deposits the credit cards through the service of your choice. Funds processed through FASCash are routed directly to your own bank account. Users of FAScash can process their credit cards using a high-speed Internet connection. Cards are authorized in just a couple of seconds. Deposits are also performed very quickly.

    The FAS floral system is one of the very few flower shop systems in the industry that offers true integrated EMV chip card processing. Although the FAS floral system has been certified for PCI compliance since 2009, FAS has raised its security standards even higher with its new EMV credit card system. Credit card data is securely encrypted the instant the information is entered. Tokens that represent actual credit card numbers are stored on the FAS server, greatly reducing the risk of a data breach. Customers can make “contactless payments” using Apple Pay and Android Pay by simply placing their smart phones near the chip card reader. Users of this new system are able to reduce the risk of chargebacks for fraudulent transactions. And all of these benefits are available at extremely low, competitive rates.

  • FASnet
    FASnet allows you to electronically process wire orders through FTD and Teleflora. FASnet also allows you to send and receive orders Florist Direct through the Independent Florists’ Association (IFA). With Florist Direct orders, you earn $3-$6 more for each order filled, and you receive immediate payment with a credit card for orders filled. When you send a Florist Direct order through IFA, you earn the 20% sales commission and the relay fee you would earn on a traditional wire order. Best of all, with IFA’s Florist Direct orders, you avoid all of the expensive wire service fees and clearinghouse fees normally associated with wire orders.

  • FTD Mercury interface
    FAS’s Internet-based FTD Mercury interface option allows you to send outgoing FTD orders directly from your FAS flower shop software over Mercury and to automatically import incoming Mercury orders directly into your FAS florist POS system. Simply use FAS’s electronic FTD directory to select the shop of your choice and press a button to send the order.

    Orders received over Mercury are automatically imported into your FAS florist POS software and printed on your invoice printer. FAS flower shop systems use a high-speed Internet connection to communicate with Mercury, eliminating the cost of a phone line. Consumer orders placed on FTD websites are automatically transmitted over Mercury and imported by the shop’s FAS system. FAS’s Mercury interface is fully authorized and supported by FTD.

  • Teleflora Dove interface
    FAS’s Teleflora Dove interface option allows you to send outgoing Teleflora orders directly from your FAS flower shop software over Dove and to automatically import incoming Dove orders directly into your FAS flower shop system. Simply use FAS’s electronic Teleflora directory to select the shop of your choice and press a button to send the order. Orders received over Dove are automatically printed on your invoice printer. FAS floral systems use a high-speed Internet connection to communicate with Dove, eliminating the cost of a phone line. Consumer orders placed on Teleflora websites are automatically transmitted over Dove and imported by the shop’s FAS florist POS system. FAS’s Dove interface is fully authorized and supported by Teleflora.

  • Electronic checkbook
    FAS’s checkbook software maintains up to 4 checking accounts. This software supports computer-printed or manual checks and maintains records of all checks, deposits, and adjustments (non-check withdrawals). FAS’s floral software automates your bank statement reconciliation. The FAS floral system will print check, deposit, and adjustment registers, and it will allow you to search for checks by payee. FAS’s checkbook module is fully integrated with FAS’s GL, payroll, and accounts payable modules.

  • General Ledger
    FAS’s general ledger system produces financial statements (balance sheets and earnings statements) for current and prior periods, maintains monthly and annual history; prints trend analyses for various critical financial data; performs past-month and year-to-date comparisons; generates “what if” reports using anticipated changes in performance to project future performance; prints “batch” balance reports before posting entries to GL; includes easy help features for non-accountants; verifies that all entries balance; and automates recurring entries. FAS’s GL is fully integrated with all other system modules, eliminating the need to import data into other software systems as is done with many other floral systems.

  • Employee Time Clock & Payroll
    FAS’s Time Clock software allows employees to clock in and out on a system workstation. The software automatically figures regular and overtime hours and wages, eliminating manual calculation of this data. FAS’s payroll software maintains a history of vacation time, holiday time, and leave time for each employee. The system calculates taxes and other deductions, and supports either computer-generated checks or manual checks. FAS’s payroll system generates various monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, and it prints employees’ W-2s. This option also calculates federal unemployment taxes and other similar taxes.

  • Accounts Payable
    FAS’s Accounts Payable module maintains records of vendors and purchases. The software prints an aged trial balance showing purchases by vendor, along with cash requirements to pay invoices approved for payment. FAS’s AP system automatically generates checks and is fully integrated with FAS’s checkbook and GL systems. The AP software maintains a history of vendors’ invoices and prevents the entry and payment of duplicate invoices.

  • Inventory control
    FAS’s Inventory control system is a comprehensive software module that provides traditional inventory control functions, as well as a couple of floral-specific functions–Arrangement Recipes and an Event Planner.

    This software maintains all relevant data on each inventory item, e.g. wholesale cost, retail price, vendor, item number, quantity on hand, etc. When items are sold using FAS’s florist POS software, the inventory records for the items involved in the transactions are updated instantly. Numerous reports provide a wide variety of options for analyzing your inventory data. FAS’s inventory system allows you to either use a manufacturer’s bar code tag as your own product tag, or the florist POS system will allow you to print your own bar coded item labels. Using FAS’s motion-activated laser bar code reader, you can check a customer out as quickly as you can pass the item tag by the bar code reader. FAS’s inventory system also has an option to print special “plant tags“ that can be placed on plants and other greenhouse items.

    FAS’s Arrangement Recipe Manager allows you to create your arrangements by selecting the various components of the arrangement from inventory. These recipes provide your staff a guide from which they can fill arrangements. By preventing your staff from “stuffing” or over-filling orders, you can better control your costs of goods sold. As you select items for a recipe, the system automatically updates and displays the wholesale cost and the retail value of the products in the order. When an inventory item is updated, all recipes that utilize that inventory item are automatically updated as well.

    FAS’s Event Planner allows you to plan for holidays, weddings, conventions, and even everyday work. After entering general information about an event, e.g. date, location, etc., you are allowed to enter the product that will be sold for the event. These products can be either individual inventory items or arrangement recipes, as discussed above. The event planner will determine the total retail value of the event, the total wholesale cost of the event, and the gross profit generated by the event. At the press of a button, the FAS system will break all of the event items down into the individual inventory components, calculate the totals of all necessary items, and print a requirements report you can use to order the product for the event. Event data can be kept on file year after year, allowing you to plan future events in minutes, instead of hours or days.

  • Purchase Orders
    FAS’s purchase order system maintains purchase information for all vendors. The PO system is fully integrated with FAS’s inventory module. When items are received through the PO system, item quantities on hand, wholesale costs, and retail prices are automatically updated. Orders can be located by vendor, by customer, or by product, and the system will generate a report of outstanding purchase orders.

  • Email confirmations
    The FAS floral software allows you to send email order confirmations and delivery confirmations to your customers. Samples of the confirmations are displayed below. This feature is a fully automated function of FAS’s florist POS software. The software prompts you to ask if the customer wants an email confirmation for the order. If the customer requests the confirmation, the system displays and allows you to verify and edit the customer’s email address. Email addresses gathered through this process can also be used for other marketing purposes.
    FAS’s order confirmation is essentially a summary of the invoice. The email includes the recipient’s name and address, the card message, a product description, the occasion, the price, the name of the person who placed the order, and the date and time the order was placed. These email order confirmations eliminate the need to mail or fax invoices to customers.

    The delivery confirmation is available in two formats, depending upon whether you mark orders delivered when your driver leaves with the order or when the driver returns from his trip. In addition to the order information included on the order confirmation, the delivery confirmation includes a note that says either “This message was sent to confirm that your order was dispatched from our shop at …” or “This message was sent to confirm that your order was delivered at …”, depending on when you mark orders delivered.

    FAS’s email confirmations also serve as marketing tools. You can specify a photograph of an arrangement you would like to include at the top of the confirmation, along with up to 5 lines of promotional text. The enclosed sample confirmations illustrate these features. All emails also include information about your shop, including your phone number and email address.

  • FASmap
    In addition to being able to manage deliveries on iPhones and Android phones using FAS Mobile, FAS users have similar capabilities within the desktop software. With the click of a mouse users can map and route individual deliveries or batches of deliveries assigned to a driver.


  • Gift Cards
    Gift cards have quickly become one of the most popular gift purchases ever. Gift card sales grew from an estimated $149 billion in 2017 to $160 billion in 2018, and the growth of gift card sales is expected to continue. FAS flower shop software allows you to implement your own, unique, customized gift card program. The attractive, custom-printed cards can have your colors, logo, and message printed on the front and back of the cards. The card account number is encoded in the magnetic stripe on the card and can be automatically accessed by swiping the gift card through FAS’s gift card reader. Unlike most gift card programs which require third-party services and fees, FAS’s gift card system in entirely “self-contained”. The FAS flower shop system maintains the balance and transaction activity for the gift card internally. When processing a sale with the FAS floral software, you simply swipe the card and enter the amount being used from the gift card in FAS’s split-tender feature. The system automatically verifies and updates the remaining balance on the gift card. FAS’s flower shop software will print reports listing gift card activity and outstanding gift card liabilities.

  • FAS System Configurations
    No other flower shop system in the floral industry provides the flexibility offered by FAS. The diagram below illustrates a typical single-shop system configuration. As the diagram shows, the FAS floral system can simultaneously support any combination of serial and/or Ethernet devices. Serial devices (on the left side of the diagram), including ASCII (“dumb”) CRT terminals such as Wyse or Televideo terminals, LCD terminals, and serial printers can be interfaced to the FAS server via serial connections. This allows shops to upgrade to a FAS florist POS system while being able to use much of their existing hardware.

    In addition to supporting serial devices, the FAS server can also support Ethernet connectivity, including wireless network access, and it can provide Internet access. The PCs, the high-speed laser printer, and the wireless notebook illustrated on the right side of the diagram all access the FAS system over an Ethernet connection to the FAS server. You’ll note that the FAS floral system is also connected to the Internet through a router/firewall. All PCs sharing the Ethernet connection to the FAS server can also simultaneously access the Internet. These users can switch between FAS’s floral software and any Windows application with the click of a mouse. Also, the FAS flower shop system utilizes the high-speed Internet connection to process credit cards, Mercury orders, and Dove orders. Shop owners have the ability to access the FAS system remotely through their own Virtual Private Network over a high-speed Internet connection.
    The system diagram below illustrates a multi-shop FAS configuration. In addition to supporting all of the features mentioned above, the FAS system allows you to connect multiple branch shops to the FAS server at the main location over high-speed Internet connections. With FAS, you can use any combination of serial and/or Ethernet devices at each branch shop, as is the case at the main shop location. The shop owner/manager can monitor the activity of any shop from any shop or from some other remote location.