The FASCash credit card program offers an attractive alternative for processing credit cards in your flower shop. FASCash provides competitive discount rates and deposits funds straight to your local bank. Credit cards are authorized by your FAS system immediately at the point-of-sale, and deposited electronically during your daily close-out procedure. You can monitor your credit card account activity online. With a high-speed Internet connection FAScash can authorize and deposit credit cards in just seconds.

FAS is one of the very few companies in the industry that offers true integrated EMV chip card processing. Although FAS systems have been certified for PCI compliance since 2009, FAS has raised its security standards even higher with its new EMV credit card system. Credit card data is securely encrypted the instant the information is entered, whether the customer is in the shop or placing the order over the phone. Tokens that represent actual credit card numbers are stored on the FAS server, greatly reducing the risk of a data breach. Customers can make “contactless payments” using Apple Pay and Android Pay by simply placing their smart phones near the chip card reader. Users of this new system are able to reduce the risk of chargebacks for fraudulent transactions. And all of these benefits are available at extremely low, competitive rates.