FASnet is FAS’s electronic network that allows florists to send and receive wire orders through all major wire services using their FAS systems. FASnet provides universal coverage to all florists in all wire services, without requiring you to incur the cost of expensive wire service network technology. FASnet orders are automatically converted to/from FAS’s POS software, eliminating the need to download emails, manually re-enter orders, etc.

FASnet provides electronic directories for Independent Florists’ Association (IFA), FTD, and Teleflora. Orders transmitted through FTD and Teleflora are cleared as traditional wire orders, i.e. 20% to the sending shop, 7% to the wire service, and 73% to the filling shop. Orders sent through IFA are cleared “Florist Direct”. With Florist Direct orders, the sending shop still earns its 20% and relay fee, but the filling shop earns 80%–$3-$6 more for each order filled–and the filling shop receives immediate payment with a credit card for all orders filled.