FAS users have a wide choice of customized Web sites that can be fully integrated to their in-house FAS systems. Customers can view your products on-line, or they can place orders electronically 24-hours-a-day from anywhere in the world using your Web site. When a customer places an order through your site, the order is instantly transmitted to your FAS POS system. Your system then automatically creates the customer account, processes the customer’s credit card, and prints the invoice, enclosure card, and delivery tag on your invoice printer.

The FASweb interface to many of the industry’s leading websites now includes the same encryption and tokenization available in the FAS POS system, bringing the same level of data security to a florist’s e-commerce website, and providing a level of comprehensive data security that is unparalleled in the floral industry.

With your own Web site, valuable customer and recipient data is protected from use by others, and potential customers can not be easily redirected to other floral Web sites. FAS’s Web partners will develop a customized site with your shop information, your products, and your prices. Below is a link to Media99 whose sites are integrated with FAS’s POS systems.